Trade Pricing Model

Financial Foreign exchange market are volatile, therefore we provide a flexible and convenient pricing model

• Real-time Full amount transaction

Exchange the full amount in one transaction into base on current market exchange rate.

• Price Lock 10% deposit

Require 10% of the full amount as secure deposit and lock in the full amount as the current market exchange rate, the remaining 90% shall be completed transfer in the next business day.

• Price Lock 0% deposit

Certain of customer that meet the requirement as Commercial, we can Price lock the transaction without secure deposit, the remaining 100% fund shall be completed transfer in the next business day.

Customer can logon to Superforex Online platform and perform any of the 3 transaction, alternatively call and our staffs can perform the trade for you on your behalf.

•Trading Point

Each exchange transaction generate a certain of Trading Point to the Customer.

Cumulative guide and methods of use are as follow:

  • New customer a one-time 10 points
  • Every AUD 1,000 or equivalent exchange transaction earn 1 point
  • Each 100 trading point can pay for one international transaction fee.

Logon to Superforex Online or contact us to query your point earned.