Money exchange (Cash to Cash)

Foreign currency notes exchange

  1. Superforex maintained a solid trading relationship with American Express and UAE. We actively create our foreign currencies reserves to ensure our clients’ needs are met and provide the lowest exchange rates possible.
  2. No handling or service fee
  3. Currencies notes we provide are: AUD, NZD, CAD, USD, JPY, HKD, TWD, MYR, SGD, EUR, GBP and CNY.
  4. 6 different outlets to choose from and there should be one close to you and be able to provide the level of demands required if one of our branches does not hold sufficient amount.
  5. Superforex accept orders online
  6. No foregin currency storage fee (Condition apply)

Reserve foreign currency note application form

Process request during normal business hour, please allow us at least one working day to prepare. ID are required.