Introduction, Concept, Characteristics

Introduction, Concept, Characteristics

Business philosophy
Commitment and sternly manage
Perfection quality, Innovation technology


Superforex (Super Forex Financial Pty Ltd) is a specialized financial companies, business mainly focus currency exchange and international remittances, Superforex was founded in Auckland, New Zealand November 2003, we establish “commitment and Sternly manage,” as the corporate image and maintain good reputation in New Zealand. We provided specialized financial services to students, immigrants, import and export business, and business travellers on all currency exchange, remittance and international settlement.

September 2007, Superforex financial successfully develop new branches in Sydney Australia, another mile stone wisely for the company's international operations. With our developed banking connection, leading industry advance real-time trading platform technology, can give you the best quality; capital safety and comparable price for convertible currencies and Southeast Asia currency exchange and remittances services.

The company's reputation and stable business model operation in New Zealand and Australian market, we have more branches spread out to the following location, Auckland(NZ), Sydney, Hurstville, Eastwood, Burwood, Campsie, Chatswood, Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC), and planning open more outlets in Australia difference City. Superforex is one of the few company have offices in New Zealand and Australia, providing foreign exchange Services specializing that cater in the Asian culture.

December 2013, Superforex obtain financial services licence (AFSL 443886) issued by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) enable Superforex to deal in foreign exchange trading financial product. Legitimate compliances and regulated.

Looking ahead, Superforex will continue to increase investment in technology improvement, constantly optimize escalating our financial license. Ultimately combine the following combination, offline and online model, retail and wholesale model, exchange and remittance model, personal and business customers’ model, foreign exchange and investment model, importantly New Zealand and Australia market integration model, generate in many aspects pattern. Superforex will be the famous brand name in financial field as Non-bank Corporation.


  • Membership style service, to begin your first transaction, each user must become as registered members, this way is easier for us to manage and follow-up the transaction.
  • For your convenience, our outlets throughout major Sydney Asian busier suburb
  • National trading hotline centre 1300 663 133 toll free.
  • We offer Superforex Online, with your unique secure password; you can manage your own portfolio at your own space.
  • Contact our professional trader for the amount AUD100,000+ and receive the best exchange rate in the market.