cxOffshore CNY both way transfer

China’s personal and commercial businesses have strong demand along with the economic reform, Superforex designate a range of offshore CNY remittance services to overseas customer, which include exchange Cash CNY, receive and remit CNY two-way channels service in China, Hong Kong.

Service 1 (Deposit CNY in China and withdrawal AUD in Australia)

  1. Ask us for China CNY banking detail on the date of transfer.
  2. Transfer CNY to our designated bank account.
  3. Send us confirmation of successful transfer slip by any media
  4. Once we confirm funds are available, you can collect your fund at any of our branches, and bring along with your valid photo identification card.
  5. Alternatively transfer directly into your bank account.

Please visit our website for latest exchange rate.

A. Acquire Account Number

B. Deposit

C. Fax receipt

D. Receive Payment

Service 2 (Deposit AUD in Australia and withdrawal CNY in China)

  1. You can either deposit AUD to us in Cash or bank transfer format.
  2. Give us remittance banking detail, such as bank name, account number, beneficiary address.
  3. Pay Remittance fee
  4. Please check again the banking detail and sign the application form that aware we are not liable for any loss if banking detail given to us is incorrect.